We thank you for making a donation to ELISID Freedom Foundation Non Profit Organization. We are a non profit 501C3 organization, your donation is a tax write off. Each representative has dedicated their time to helping others succeed. They take their time out to show another person the local employment opportunities that are available in their area.  We strive to help keep crime low by informing the community of available career opportunities and that is by way of an information drive. 

No Fire Arms - ELISID Freedom Foundation says " INCREASE FAMILY AND COMMUNITY SUPPORT". 

When you donate to ELISID Freedom Foundation it is a tax write off and we utilize the donation to help enrich the lives of men, women and children. Ask about our "Flyer for Hire" program and its approach to help eliminate crime in your community and increase personal development. This is a cost effective solution to solving a problem related to lack of Knowledge. 


Thank you for your donation and we cannot express how much it helps us accomplish our mission.