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(2017  - Year of Grants & Contract Preparation) 

  Good morning Dr. Jamon,

      Thank you for taking time to read this. I want to start by saying the Growing New Beginnings Program is a program that benefits our health. My son was 2 years old and started having seizures. We later found out  he was alergic to chicken based prroducts and eggs. Most of the produce fertilizer is chicken droppings. The plants absorbe the contents and produce the harvest along with chemicals. This was too much for me. I designed Natures Choice with care and our plants have been with us for 4 years plus.  The current food in stores is fertilized with Chicken or Cow Droppings. Most recently I discovered an urban farm uses Miracle Grow Chemicals. I strongly believe this is why on the news stated Men in the USA and World wide have a reduced sperm count. As an adult the body cannot always just adjust to natural issues. Growing New Beginnings Agriculture program benefits your clients and cuts overhead cost associated with Quality Produce. On an average 15 Green onions per week for everyone is a monthly cost estimated at $150.00.

I have attached a picture of an example and with your approval the excess crops can be used to engage in Homeless To Wholeness Based Programs. This connects your training program to an additional support system. We utilize Natures Choice Fertilizer to stabilize the growing program. After Growing New Beginnings Agriculture Program next is the I EXCEL Career Readiness Program

The Cooperative Farming Program allow the simple setup and implementation of growing Natural Vegetables and Fruits on your facility/house using Natures Choice Fertilizer in order to stabilize the farming operation. The excess food is given to organizations of your choice and stocked for sale to the general public. 

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100% Quality Assurance Guaranteed

We do have tower gardens as well! 


Growing New Beginnings Corporate Forum - http://growingnewbeginningsagricultureproducts.com/index.php/a/cm 
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Hughes Training & Development Victorville

Phase 1 - Client Website System Overhaul Price $2500.00

Phase 2 - Current Growing Program Investment  $ 2200.00 / Monthly Savings $300 | Apply As need per location 

Phase 3 - Homeless Program / Transitional Support Investment / $0.00  Use Food Stock

Phase 4 - Distribute food through cooperative agreement / I EXCEL Employment Rehabilitation Program Workshops 

Phase 5 - Client Successfully Transition with Life Skill and Support (Food System) / 100% Healthy Foods - Produces Healthy Brains. 


  1. Natures Choice Fertilizer - Designed to stabilize the food / agriculture industry. I cannot feed my son chicken based products. He had seizures at 2 and stopped at 4. We grew our own vegetables, and designed fertilizer that could accommodate our lifestyle. The plants have grown with us for 4 years and going. Plants require regular maintenance. Sea Particle Based Fertilizer


Build List Completion Date: 2017

      2. Growing New Beginnings Agriculture Products -  Working with group homes and the Homeless to Wholeness Program requires a system of nutrition. Each group home can grow fresh 100% natural vegitables without using cow or chicken products. The excess produce is collected as a collective and distributed to government programs and non profit organizations. Excess food can be put into food stores who stock organic produce. 

 Products - Green Onions

                - Black Cobra Peppers 


Build List Completion Date: 2017

         3. Homeless to Wholeness - After proper care and nutrition, the Homeless to Wholeness program identifies youth and adults classified as homeless. Funds from excess produce sold and fertilizer allows the applicant to identify a career path internally. Next is enrollment into the I EXCEL Program. The Homeless to Wholeness has a modified tracking system to document all activity associated with the client, including associated relatives and past activity. National Security tool 


Build List Completion Date: 2013