System Advocacy

Outreach and educational activities designed to increase the learning curve and enrich solutions for all individuals; and accomplish increase in systematic change for greater access and equality. 

  •      Custom Website / System Development ( www.ELISIDMarketing.com)
  •      Educational / Business Marketing Solutions
  •      Educational / Employment Based Partnerships


Individual Advocacy

Advocacy provided on behalf of individuals with employment disabilities in order to overcome barriers to achieve independent living.  Which include (i,e. direct employment support, interviewing for success, strategic life planning, life skills, etc). Also advocacy for children with whom have fallen into any government system through proper parent matching assessment tools.  


Mentorship / Tutor Support

Individuals providing mentorship  and tutor support to any individual seeking support to improve life .


Information and Referral

Providing community resource information and referral all individuals to ELISID Jobs Authentic Search Engine for direct hire employment support and referral to appropriate services. Also facilitate a Flyer in the community that hires directly. 


Employment Support Assistance

Authentic employment support services in the process of obtaining the necessary types of assistance to improve life and achieve independent living (i,e. career identification, leadership skills, employment support, assessment by evidence, strategic planning, idea enrichment).  Maintain a authentic system to identify a streamline career path.


ELISID Jobs Authentic Search Engine

Provide Authentic Information for business hiring by small to large and the utilization of current technology that can enhance independent living.